rustlab 2023: observing tokio

by Hayden Stainsby on Tuesday, 21 November 2023

This year I had the pleasure of speaking at RustLab.

RustLab is a Rust conference in Florence, Italy.

It is co-hosted with GoLab.

(I imagine GoLab was a thing before RustLab)

My talk was titled Observing Tokio.

Title slide of my Observing Tokio talk. The subtitle is "Shining a light into your async runtime". There is the RustLab crab mascot on the right.

In it, I show-cased 3 tools which give insight into the Tokio async runtime.

  1. The metrics inside Tokio

  2. Tokio Console which uses the tracing instrumentation in Tokio

  3. The new task dumps built into Tokio

The talk was recorded.

I'll update this page once the video is available.

In the meantime, I've made the slides available here.


There's not much more to say.

Other than that I really enjoyed the conference.

I met a lot of great people.

And had some fantastic conversations.


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